Black Labrador
signed limited edition print

David Shepherd

black labrador, dog print
Devoted Companion
Signed, limited edition of 600
Image Size 18" x 13"
Overall size with frame 26" x 22"
by John Silver
One only as illustrated; with or without framing £59

Did you know, the first Labradors were bred from a now extinct breed known as the St Johnís Water Dog.
This breed was also most likely the route of the rather different, and bigger, Newfoundland.
This fishermanís companion had a thick coat and looked a bit like a cross between a Border Collie and the modern Labrador we know and love.

Do you see more black Labs around than any other color? Thatís because you do!
The first chocolate Labradors that we know of were born in the 1890s, but colors other than black were not at all popular until the mid 90s.
Horribly, for many generations most puppies born with chocolate or yellow coats were routinely euthanized at birth!
And yet those other shades persisted, despite black being what is known in genetics as Ďdominantí.

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