David Shepherd Originals, Paintings.

David Shepherd


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david shepherd, large, original painting, louiswatkins
Louis Watkins

david shepherd, large, original painting, wadi hadhramaut
Wadi Hadhramaut

david shepherd, large, original painting, woodland
Large Woodland Landscape

david shepherd, painting zebra

david shepherd, original drawing, tiger
Tiger's head

david shepherd, lion cub
Lion Cub
Original painting

david shepherd, painting, baby gorilla
Baby Gorilla

david shepherd painting, landscape with farm buildings
Landscape with Farm Buildings
Original Painting

david shepherd, painting, landscape study of clouds and sunlight
Study of Clouds and Sunlight
Original Painting

david shepherd, original painting Hippos
Original Painting

beauchamp place, london, david shepherd, original, Oil Painting on canvas
Beauchamp Place, London
Original Painting

brompton square, london, david shepherd, original, Oil Painting on canvas
Brompton Square, London

david shepherd, landscape with oaks
Landscape with Oaks

old street, david shepherd, original, Oil Painting on canvas
Old Street

david shepherd, painting Gemsbok

david shepherd, paintings, Evening light, landscape
Evening Light

david shepherd, original painting, lion, 7
Lion (original)

david shepherd, original painting, woodland

david shepherd, Elephants, drawing
Elephants drawing

david shepherd, original painting, The Curio shop
The Curio shop

david shepherd, original drawing, hippos I
Hippos I

david shepherd, original drawing, elephant10
Oil painting

david shepherd, original drawing, Leopard
Oil painting

david shepherd, original drawing, Elephants
Pencil Drawing

David Shepherd Paintings and Originals artwork for sale

The images above are original oil paintings and pencil drawings by David Shepherd
The paintings span a large range of David's work, some are over 50 years old and several have been painted within the last 10 years.
Although he is well known for his wildlife paintings, it can be seen that
David was able to capture so well the character and atmosphere of landscapes and street scenes in his paintings.

In his early years, David Shepherd would spend many hours painting in and around London
We can see several of his works here.. 'Brompton Square' and 'Shepherd Street, Mayfair'
These have a deep richness of colour and recreate beautifully the character of the streets and the atmosphere at that particular time.

The landscapes were painted in Surrey and Sussex, and there is one rather rare painting of the steep hill in Lincoln.
'Kynance Cove' in Cornwall was David's 5th print to be published and disributed by Boots.
The 'Elephants and Lion' painting was commissioned by a collector working in Tansania, it was an actual scene that he remembers well.

Having begun his painting career by chance in Africa, he was initially disappointed to be told he was not required to be a game warden in Kenya.
He managed to save up enough money by selling his paintings to tourists to return to England on a steamship and pursue what was to become his life career.
Initially he was flown across the middle east and Africa by the Royal Air Force, and painted many commissions of aircraft and the surrounding environment.
His main 'break' came when he began painting th African wildlife that he loved so much.

His first oil painting of an elephant 'Wise Old Elephant' was published, and was such a success that it sold more prints than any other print in the world.!
From then on he produced many paintings of the great wildlife of Africa and India and became known as one of, the finest wildlife artists in the world.
His paintings have always been highly revered and the investment value can show a substantial increase.
We are very pleased and proud to be able to offer such a fine selction of David's paintings for sale.

We specialize in signed prints and original paintings and drawings by the world acclaimed artist L.S.Lowry.
The demand for his work has now reached record highs, and due to the relatively few signed limited edition prints available,
they are proving to be an excellent investment, much greater than any current banking investments.
A watercolourist, whose work needs little introduction in the world of art is Sir William Russell Flint.
We stock hundreds of this artist's signed limited edition prints and always a fine selection of his original watercolour paintings.
Throughout his life Sir William Russell Flint has spent many years painting beautiful watercolour images of scenes in France,
and offers complete tranquility and relaxation.
There are also a number of signed limited edition prints of paintings from Britanny, The Loire, Ardeche, Provence.
We have for sale several original paintings from the south west France, near to the beautiful towns of Brantome and Perigueux and also Languedoc
His work has now become regarded as some of the finest watercolour paintings in the world.
© S & W signed, limited edition print publishers © David Shepherd prints

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We have a collection of over 500 David Shepherd signed limited edition prints and original paintings for sale.

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david shepherd, tiger
Tiger's Head
Original Painting

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david shepherd, original paintings, tiger
Original Oil Painting

david shepherd, painting elephants and lion
Elephant and Lion
Original Painting

david shepherd, original drawing trains
Original drawing
Pen and Ink

david shepherd, original drawing, hippos II
Hippos II

david shepherd, The Ivory is Theirs, original drawing
The Ivory is Theirs
Original remarqued drawing

david shepherd, original drawing , elephant

david shepherd, painting,elephant
Elephant (original)

david shepherd, Elephant, drawing
Elephant drawing

david shepherd, Elephants, original painting

david shepherd, painting baobab, tree
The Baobab Tree
Original Painting

david shepherd, original painting, lion, 2

david shepherd, painting, Kynance Cove
Kynance Cove, Cornwall 1956