Lion (signed, framed)

David Shepherd

david shepherd, lion, signed, framed print
Signed print

Image size 10.5" x 9.5"
Overall size with frame 19" x 17.5"
Decorative print, personally signed and framed
Price £79

This is a decorative poster type print, and as such has no investment quality.
The colours of the picture are however in excellent condition, and it is well framed.
David Shepherd has personally signed this print, which makes of particular value and will be one of very few that carry his personal signature.
Nearly all wild lions live in Africa, but one small population exists elsewhere..
They can weigh 30 stone..
They start off spotty...
Males' magnificent manes tell a story...
Cubs are reared together...
Lions can get their water from plants...
Lions are big eaters...
They hunt during storms...

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Russell Flint.
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