On the Usao Nyiro River

David Shepherd


david shepherd, On the Usao Nyiro River
'On the Usao Nyiro River'
original painting on canvas
16" x 28"
sold November2015
Approx. £25,000

Ewaso Ng'iro is a river in Kenya which rises on the west side of Mount Kenya and flows north then east and finally south-east, passing through Somalia where it joins the Jubba River.
The upper basin of the Ewaso Ng'iro River is 15,200-square-kilometre.
The Southern Ewaso Ng'iro (Brown River) is a river in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya.
It plays an important role in the ecology of Lake Natron, the main regular breeding site for near-threatened lesser flamingos.
Changes to land use in the river's headwaters or in the marshes before the river enters the lake could have a serious impact on this species.

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