Winter Elms (poster).

David Shepherd


David Shepherd, winter elms,  print

Winter Elms
Unsigned, open edition print, of decorative value only
Not in stock.
This poster print is often mistaken for an original painting, particularly when it is stuck onto canvas and varnished over the image to give the impression of a painting.

This print was published in the 1960s along with numerous other prints, usually distributed by Boots. PLC
Unfortunately, due to the inks not being light fast, and over the years, many of this title has faded quite badly
It was not reprinted, and the original poster prints are of no financial value.
We do however have a good collection of David's English landscapes that have been published as signed limited editions,
to the highest quality, using light fast inksand acid free paper.
Should these be of interest, please click on this link...