Captain and Sergeant

David Shepherd


david shepherd, captain and sergeant

Captain and Sergeant
Signed Limited Edition of 850
Published 1980
Image Size 8.75" x 15.75"

A draft horse, draught horse or dray horse, less often called a carthorse, work horse or heavy horse,
is a large horse bred to be a working animal doing hard tasks such as plowing and other farm labor.
Working horses are usually heavy (or draught) horses used for transport, working agricultural land, and forestry work.
On farms horses can be used for anything from land preparation to harvesting, including ploughing, sowing and haymaking.
The muscular Ardennes horse, from which all heavy horse breeds originate.
Draft horses are recognizable by their tall stature and extremely muscular build.
In general, they tend to have a more upright shoulder, producing more upright movement and conformation that is well suited for pulling.
They tend to have broad, short backs with powerful hindquarters, again best suited for the purpose of pulling.
Additionally, the draft breeds usually have heavy bone, and a good deal of feathering on their lower legs. Many have a straight profile or 'Roman nose'

david shepherd, captain and sergeant

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