signed limited edition Silkscreen print

David Shepherd


signed limited edition print Cheetahs, silkscreen
"Cheetah" (Silkscreen)
Signed Limited Edition of 350
Signed and Titled by David Shepherd
Date of publication 1992
Image Size 17" x 28"
mint condition

The print has been produced to the highest standards.
Hand pulled in 27 colours on archival paper, it is a work of enduring beauty and quality.
"Cheetah" is a limited edition of 350 Silkscreen prints
produced on 300gsm Somerset archival board, signed, numbered and titled by the Artist.

This is the first ever silkscreen of David Shepherd's paintings, published as the begining of the 'Gold Collection';
and has since become one of the most collectable.

One silkscreen was produced each year, the edition size was always kept to a minimum,
and due to the 'hands-on' process of printing, no two copies are exactly the same.
The silkscreen can perhaps be regarded as being somewhere between a signed,
limited edition print and an original painting.

"The fastest animal over a short distance, attaining speeds of upto sixty miles an hour, more dog-like than a cat,
as it cannot retract its claws; all this is perhaps well known to many of us.
Facts are cold and clinical. To me as an artist, however, the cheetah is the most appealing of all the cats of Africa.
This is a shy and enigmatic animal, temperamental and hyper-sensitive.
Also this lovely animal has been a target for the fur trade.

For a painter, it stauesque appearance, reminding me of the Sphinx of ancient Egyptian times is irresistible.
The cheetah certainly makes a marvellous subject when seen in a typical African setting.
Here against the back-cloth of thick, thorny scrub contrasting so strongly in texture with their soft spotted fur,
they recline in a seductive pose, or sit gazing into the distance, staring out over the vast open plains." David Shepherd

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