David Shepherd


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We have a small range of framing, and can frame any work upto conservation standard
with musem glass; usually whilst you browse in the studio 30 - 40 mins.
At a fraction of regular framing shop prices.

Most of the pictures we sell are high quality investment works, it is therefore essential that any framing is carried out to the best possible standards.
Everything we frame is to conservation standards, and we make full use of the UV bocking non-reflective , museum glass.
All the mounts we use are acid free, to preserve your art work as much as possible;
and after forty plus years experience of picture framing,
you can rest assured that the job will be done correctly, using the finest materials and the latest technological machines.

We buy and sell work by three completely different artists,
Their work is renowned worldwide, and held in the greatest estime.
Original paintings by L.L. Lowry, David Shepherd, and Sir William Russell Flint can be seenin many mueums throughout Britain, and the world.

Phone England 01623 799 309