by David Tatham

gilt framing

We can offer a range of framing at a fraction of the cost of retail high street galleries, and can usually frame the work in less than an hour.

Framing involves social construction of a social phenomenon, by mass media sources, political or social movements, political leaders, or other actors and organizations.
Participation in a language community necessarily influences an individual's perception of the meanings attributed to words or phrases.
Politically, the language communities of advertising, religion, and mass media are highly contested,
whereas framing in less-sharply defended language communities might evolve imperceptibly and organically over cultural time frames, with fewer overt modes of disputation.
One can view framing in communication as positive or negative - depending on the audience and what kind of information is being presented.
The framing may be in the form of equivalence frames, where two or more logically equivalent alternatives are portrayed in different ways
or emphasis frames, which simplify reality by focusing on a subset of relevant aspects of a situation or issue.
In the case of 'equivalence frames', the information being presented is based on the same facts, but the 'frame'
in which it is presented changes, thus creating a reference-dependent perception.

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