Guildford Steam Sheds

David Shepherd


Set of three signed limited edition prints
david shepherd, Guildford steam sheds
david shepherd, Guildford steam sheds 2
david shepherd, Guildford steam sheds 3
'Guildford Steam Sheds'
Set of three, Signed Limited Edition of 850
Overall sizes with mount 18" x 17"
Image Sizes approx. 11" x 8"
Date of publication 1989

The depot, otherwise known as an engine shed, was once a hive of activity; and even as late as 1964 more than 150 men either worked in the shed or were based there.
Back then, many working practices on Britain’s railways were completely different to those of today.
Geoff Burch, a retired railwayman and now a railway author, started his career at Guildford’s motive power depot (MPD) in 1961.
He was a fireman on one of the very last engines to leave the shed on July 9, 1967.
It will be officially unveiled on a wall at the pedestrian entrance to the Farnham Road multi-storey car park, now on the site of the depot, this Sunday (July 7) at 11am.
Many former railwaymen will be attending to mark this historic milestone.
But what was going on during the last month of steam on the railways in the Guildford area back in 1967 – a period also known as the ‘summer of love’?

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