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Sunday Best

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Happy Hippo

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Hot Potami

The hippopotamus, also known as the 'river horse,' lives along the rivers and lakes throughout sub-Saharan Africa.
Weighing up to 8,000 pounds, the hippo is the heaviest land animal after the elephant.
Hippos seek refuge from the heat by living in water during the day, and at night they come ashore to feed on short, soft grasses and fallen fruit.
The eyes and ears of a hippopotamus are on top of its head, so it can keep watch for enemies-mainly crocodiles-while lying low in the water.
These giants are currently at risk from habitat loss.

Sir William Russell Flint.
The wildlife of Africa, India and Britain, prints and paintings by David Shepherd
The work of L.S. Lowry has become some of the most sought after in British history; his paintings and signed prints are achieving record prices in the artworld,
made even more collectable due to the rarity of the work and the relatively few signed limited edition prints that have been published.