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One silkscreen was published each year as part of the David Shepherd 'Gold Collection'
Due to the lengthy 'hands-on' process of producing a silkscreen print, these titles were published in small numbers
The colours were applied separately, sometimes 30-40 times until complete, and as a result, no two silkscreen prints of the same title are identical.
Silkscreens are generally regarded as between an original painting and a signed limited edition print.

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david shepherd, cheetah silkscreen
Silkscreen 1992

david shepherd Africa silkscreen print
Africa Silkscreen
Signed limited edition silkscreen print 1993

david shepherd Amboseli silkscreen elephants print
Signed limited edition print 1994

david shepherd mountain lion silkscreen print
Mountain Lion silkscreen
Signed limited edition print 1996

david shepherd Last Refuge Panda print
Last Refuge
Silkscreen print 1995

david shepherd leopards silkscreen
Silkscreen 1997

david shepherd lowland Gorillas
Lowland Gorillas
Silkscreen 1997

david shepherd bandipur tiger silkscreen print
Bandipur Tiger
Signed limited edition silkscreen 1998

david shepherd storm over Africa silkscreen
Storm over Africa
Silkscreen 1999

david shepherd portrait of a tiger silkscreen
Portrait of a Tiger
silkscreen 2000

david shepherd tiger indian summer print
Indian Summer silkscreen 2000

david shepherd elephant signed limited edition print
Dusty Evening silkscreen 2001

david shepherd white tiger of Rewa silkscreen print
White Tiger of Rewa
Signed limited edition silkscreen print 2001

david shepherd, in the cool of evening, print
In the cool of evening
silkscreen 2002

david shepherd My Savuti Friend silkscreen elephants print
My Savuti Friend silkscreen
Signed limited edition print 2003

david shepherd in the mists of Rwanda silkscreen gorillas print
In the Mists of Rwanda
Signed limited edition silkscreen print 2004

silkscreen printing

© David Shepherd

In 1992, David began a series called the 'Gold Editions' which were high quality produced silkscreen prints, giving much deeper and richer colours
than a usual photo lithograph print. Published on high quality water colour paper and a low edition run of between 200 to 495 prints.
One silkscreen was published each year from 1992 begining with 'Cheetah'
Africa 1993
Amboseli 1994
The Last Refuge 1995
Mountain Lion 1996
Leopards 1997
The Bandipur Tiger 1998
Storm over Africa 1999
Indian Summer 2000
Portrait of a Tiger (for the millenium)2000
The White Tiger of Rewa 2001
In the cool of Evening 2002
The silkscreen prints have always been in great demand, and are regarded as between signed limited edition prints and an original paintings.

We specialize in signed prints and original paintings and drawings by the world acclaimed artist L.S.Lowry.
The demand for his work has now reached record highs, and due to the relatively few signed limited edition prints available, they are proving to be an excellent investment, much greater than any current banking investments.
A watercolourist, whose work needs little introduction in the world of art is Sir William Russell Flint.
We stock hundreds of this artist's signed limited edition prints and always a fine selection of his original watercolour paintings.
Throughout his life Sir William Russell Flint has spent many years painting beautiful watercolour images of scenes in France,
in particular Dordogne and the Perigord, where this beautiful holiday house is to let click here
and offers complete tranquility and relaxation.
There are also a number of signed limited edition prints of paintings from Britanny, The Loire, Ardeche, Provence.
We have for sale several original paintings from the south west France, near to the beautiful towns of Brantome and Perigueux and also Languedoc
His work has now become regarded as some of the finest watercolour paintings in the world.
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david shepherd brushes
david shepherd elephant

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