Dusty Evening

David Shepherd


david shepherd, dusty evening, silkscreen

'Dusty Evening'
Signed Limited Edition Silkscreen of 200
Date of publication April 2001
Image Size 16.6" x 30"

Price; please call:- 01623 799 309

This is a very low edition silkscreen, of only 200
The elephants dust themselves to cool off and remove irriataing insects, throwing huge plumes of dust into the air.
"At Savuti, in Botswana, a place which now featuresso many times in my paintings. I have watched, enthralled and amused at elephants enjoying a mud bath.
They wallow for hours, getting into anatomically impossible positions, and then to 'dry out' and have a good scratch, they cover themselves in dust.
The dust is equivalent of talcum powder and trhe whole treatment is very satisfying to an elephant because it gets rid of all the ticks and other foreign bodies which inhabit the deep folds of their skins.
Sauti is a particular 'dream world' when, in the evening, the sun is setting and in my painting, I have tried to record that scene."
David Shepherd

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