David Shepherd


david shepherd, Jaguars
Signed Limited Edition
Date of publication Sept. 1991
Image Size 12.25" x 22"
mint condition

The jaguar is a large felid species and the only extant member of the genus Panthera native to the Americas.
The jaguar is the largest cat species in the New World, and the third largest in the world.
Due to convergent evolution, it closely resembles the leopard, but is usually larger and sturdier.
Jaguars are opportunistic hunters and can prey upon almost anything they come across.
Capybaras, deer, tortoises, iguanas, armadillos, fish, birds and monkeys are just some of the prey that jaguars eat.
They can even tackle South America's largest animal, the tapir, and huge predators like caiman.
Jaguars hunt both in the day and at night and usually travel up to 10km (over 6 miles) a night when hunting.
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