Land of the Baobab Trees

David Shepherd


david shepherd land of the baobab trees print
'Land of the Baobab Trees.'
Signed Limited Edition
Date of publication 1989
Image Size 14" x 28.5"
Mint condition,in publisher's original portfolio

Baobabs are long-lived deciduous, small to large trees with broad trunks and compact crowns.
Young trees usually have slender, tapering trunks, often with a swollen base. The trunk is made of fibrous wood arranged in concentric rings.
Tree diameter fluctuates with rainfall so it is thought that water may be stored in the trunk.
Baobab trees have two types of shootsólong, green vegetative ones, and stout, woody reproductive ones.
Adansonia gregorii is generally the smallest of the baobabs, rarely getting to over 10 m tall and often with multiple trunks.
Both A. rubrostipa and A. madagascariensis are small to large trees, from 5 to 20 m (16 to 66 ft) tall.
The other baobabs grow from 25 to 30 m (80 to 100 ft) tall, with 2 to 3 m (7 to 10 ft) diameter trunks.
A. digitata however often have massive single or multiple trunks of up to 10 m (33 ft) diameter.

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