Pride of Lions (poster print)

David Shepherd


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david shepherd  pride of lions print
"Pride of Lions poster print"
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Living in the grasslands, scrub, and open woodlands of sub-Saharan Africa, the lion is the second largest cat in the world.
It is dwarfed slightly by the tiger, which is closely related and has a very similar body type.
Unlike other cats, lions are very social animals. They live in groups, called prides, of around 30 lions.
A pride consists of up to three males, a dozen related females, and their young.
The size of the pride is determined by the availability of food and water.
If resources are scarce, the pride becomes smaller.
Pride members keep track of one another by roaring.
Both males and females have a very powerful roar that can be heard up to 8 km (5 miles) away.

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