London Bus

David Shepherd


david shepherd  london bus print
"Westminster '66 - London's Red Buses."
by David Shepherd, OBE, MBE, FRSA.
The print depicts Westminster Bridge, The Houses of Parliament, and London's old Routemaster Red Buses.
Commissioned and published by the Friends of London Transport Museum.
Copyright - 1994 - David Shepherd.
Unsigned, open edition print, of decorative value only.

Route 24 dates back to 1910, when it ran between Hampstead Heath and Victoria station.
In August 1912 it was extended to Pimlico and has continued in that form until the present day, making this the oldest unchanged bus route in London.
The traditional London bus, the Routemaster, is seeing out what will almost certainly be its last full summer.
Within six weeks, half the remaining handful of routes will be gone.
By 2005, the Routemaster's long journey through the streets of London will finally come to an end, no doubt in a convoy of three.
Sample, while you still can, such exotic bus delights as effective ventilation, properly-padded seats, clear sightlines, and an internal colour scheme that does not look like the bottom of a swimming pool.

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