Men of the Woods, Orang-Utans

David Shepherd


david shepherd orang-utans print
'Men of the woods, Orang-Utans'
Signed Limited Edition
Date of publication 1996
Image Size:- 27" x 17"
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The social structure of the orangutan can be best described as solitary but social; they live a more solitary lifestyle than the other great apes.
Bornean orangutans are generally more solitary than Sumatran orangutans.[33] Most social bonds occur between adult females and their dependent and weaned offspring.
Resident females live with their offspring in defined home ranges that overlap with those of other adult females, which may be their immediate relatives.
One to several resident female home ranges are encompassed within the home range of a resident male, who is their main mating partner.
Interactions between adult females range from friendly to avoidance to antagonistic.
The home ranges of resident males can overlap greatly, though encounters are relatively rare and hostile.
Adult males are dominant over sub-adult males, the latter of which keep their distance.
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