Pandas ; pencil

David Shepherd


david shepherd pandas sketch 2006
"Pandas" Drawing
Signed Limited Edition print of 495
Image Size:- 12.5" x 8.5"
Published:- 2001

The giant panda lives in a few mountain ranges in central China, mainly in Sichuan, but also in neighbouring Shaanxi and Gansu.
As a result of farming, deforestation, and other development, the giant panda has been driven out of the lowland areas where it once lived,
and it is a conservation-reliant vulnerable species.
Pandas live mainly in temperate forests high in the mountains of southwest China, where they subsist almost entirely on bamboo.
They must eat around 26 to 84 pounds of it every day, depending on what part of the bamboo they are eating.
They use their enlarged wrist bones that function as opposable thumbs.

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