Pandas; signed limited edition prints

David Shepherd


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Signed, limited edition prints, "Pandas"

david shepherd, the last refuge, pandas, print
The Last Refuge
Signed limited edition print

david shepherd, winter in Wolong, pandas, print
Winter in Wolong *
Signed limited edition print

david shepherd,pandas pencil drawing, pandas,2001, print
Pandas pencil drawing
Signed limited edition print 2001

david shepherd, panda sketch 2006, pandas, print
Panda sketch 2006
Signed limited edition print

david shepherd, the pandas of Wolong, pandas, print
Pandas of Wolong
Signed limited edition print

david shepherd cheetahs drawing
Cheetahs, Tigers, Pandas, Elephants
Portfolio of signed limited edition drawings

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Wild giant pandas could once have been found throughout eastern and southern China, northern Vietnam and northern Myanmar.
Now the pandas range is restricted to just six isolated mountain ranges in Gansu, Shaanxi and Sichuan Provinces in south-central China.
They live mainly in deciduous broadleaf, mixed conifer and sub-alpine coniferous forests between elevations of about 1,200-3,400 metres.

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