David Shepherd


david shepherd, studio, photo
David Shepherd in the studio


Limited edition, prints

The above photograph is from the studio some years ago.
We specialize in work by Lowry, Shepherd and Russell Flint, and hold the largest collections of these three artists in the country.
The studio has evolved over the last twenty five years to give as much comprehensive selection, whilst mainting the lowest possible prices.
Clients are most welcome to come and browse, by appointment, and will be very pleased to find such a rich collection of work by their particular artist of choice.
We are open seven days a week , so you may visit any time convenient for you.

30 years experience and a collection of hundreds of David Shepherd, limited edition prints!

Studio open 7 days a week!
Viewing by appointment
signed prints by the world acclaimed artist L.S.Lowry.
is Sir William Russell Flint.
David Shepherd prints for sale.