Rhino (signed)

David Shepherd


david shepherd, rhino, signed, framed print
Signed print

Image size 10.5" x 9.5"
Overall size with frame 19" x 17.5"
Decorative print, personally signed and framed
Price £79

This is a decorative print, in good condition, and complete with frame.
It has been signed personally by David Shepherd, which greatly adds to its value.

Greater one-horned rhinos are vulnerable, which means they may become endangered unless circumstances improve.
Fortunately, their population is increasing; there are 3,333 greater one-horned rhinos in the world.
The total population estimate in 2007 was 2,575 individuals, according to the IUCN.
White rhinos are "near threatened," which means they may be considered threatened by extinction in the near future.
Southern white rhinos have an increasing population; there are 20,405 southern white rhinos.
However, the northern white rhino is considered "extinct" in the wild.

William Russell Flint.
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