Shoeing time

David Shepherd

shoeing time horses print
Shoeing Time
Signed Limited Edition of 1200
Published 1988
Image Size 16" x 9"
What is the reason for shoeing a horse?
Why do horses wear shoes? Horses wear shoes primarily to strengthen and protect the hooves and feet, and to prevent the hooves from wearing down too quickly.
Much like our finger and toenails, a horse's hooves will grow continually if not trimmed.
Shod horses need to be re-shod every four to six weeks irrespective of whether they have worn the shoes out or not.
The hooves grow continuously and when shod the hoof cannot wear down as it can (in the correct conditions) with an unshod horse.
All domestic horses need good, regular hoof care. Hooves that are allowed to grow long are not just unsightly,
the internal workings of the hoof, the tendons and ligaments of the legs and ultimately the movement of the horse are all affected by having unbalanced hoofs.
If you are not convinced of how important good regular hoof care is then imagine trying to walk in clown shoes that also have high heels!
Imagine trying to run in them! Imagine having to wear those shoes for days, weeks or months and how this would affect other parts of your body!

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