The Ranthambore Tiger (signed print)

David Shepherd


david shepherd ranthambore tiger giclee
'The Ranthambore Tiger'
Date of publication December 2007
Giclee on canvas
Edition size 55
Image Size 16" x 32"
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"On my last visit to Ranthambore in India, this tiger came right up to my vehicle,
and I will never forget how I felt as it looked at me; was it the last one I would ever see,
such is the critical plight of these wonderful animals in the wild?" David Shepherd

The land of legends, Ranthambore National Park (established in 1980), boasts the presence of a large number of Royal Bengal Tigers.
This is where you get to see the majestic tiger, with its black vertical stripes and muscular body in action.
At one point in time, what is known as Ranthambore today served as the private hunting ground for the kings of Jaipur.
In Ranthambore, almost every tiger has a special reputation and legend that precedes their lineages.
Interestingly, every tiger-lover thronging to Ranthambore National Park has a happy tiger story to take home.

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The Ranthambore Tiger
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