David Shepherd


david shepherd waterhole trilogy print
'The Waterhole Trilogy'
Signed Limited Editions
Date of publication 1989
Image Sizes 8" x 12"; 6" x 10"; 6" x 10"
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A trilogy of three Giraffe paintings.
Published in 1989 this is probably one of the most sought after giraffe collections.

This set of three pictures are often split, as a client may prefer a certain picture, or has only the wall space, for a particular size.

One watering hole is at the Mpala Research Centre in Kenya's Laikipia County.
Mpala is a 48,000-acre (about 77 square miles) mix of cattle ranches and wild lands, making it a 'living laboratory,'
where scientists and researchers come from all over the world to study Africa's iconic wildlife.

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