Wise Old Elephant

David Shepherd


david shepherd  wise old elephant print
"Wise Old Elephant"
This iconic image launched David Shepherd's career.
This particular print is one of very few still in mint condition,
and has retained its original colours, due to never being framed.
plus, personally signed by David Shepherd.
I would regard this as quite a collector's piece.

David did however publish 'Old Charlie', a similar image 25 years later to commemorate his 1st publication; 'Old Charlie;
This magnificent painting of an African Bull Elephant illustrates just how refined and detailed his paintings had become since the early days of 1962
Old Charlie was published as a signed limited edition stamped by The Fine Art Trade Guild in 1987.

Image Size 20" x 30"
This print was distributed by Boots in the early 1960's. It sold more prints than any other title in the world,
and as a result, launched David Shepherd's career as a serious wildlife artist.
Many old copies of 'Wise old elephant' can easily be found, unfortunately, due to the lack of poor inks used, 99.9% are badly faded.
Many were heatsealed onto canvas and then varnished to give the appearance of an original painting..

There is some worth in collecting this and other open edition images in good condition, as some old posters can be quite sought after
eg. Skiing, Travel, cinema, music..etc... can be sold for thousands of pounds
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