Zebras and Colony Weavers

David Shepherd


david shepherd zebras and colony weavers print
'Zebra and Colony weavers'
Signed Limited Edition of 850
Date of publication 1981
Image Size 16" x 30"
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Colony weavers are the birds seen in the distance

A busy breeding colony of beautiful Lesser Masked Weavers in South Africa
Lesser Masked Weavers (Ploceus intermedius) are a small weaver that is common over much of eastern and southern Africa.
They prefer areas close to water, particularly for nesting. Males are polygynous and may mate with two-to-three females after building several nests.
Males display by hanging upside down beneath their nests while fanning their wings and calling, often detaching to pursue a female if she shows interest.
This Lesser Masked Weaver breeding colony was in thorn Acacias growing in shallow water on the edge of Sunset Dam in Kruger National Park.

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