Art And Investment In Art From The Industrial North Of England

David Tatham

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"Harvest Mouse"
Signed Limited Edition print
Published April 2005
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When you take a good look at art and investment in art from the industrial North of England, it is clearly evident that the sector has lots of investment potential just like any other sectors that are known by many people in the ordinary world. The main reason why many people invest in stocks and a share in companies is because this is the area that many people easily understand.

Whether the stock market is an easy target for most investors because it makes easy cash or simply due to the publicity is a subject worth debating. The reason however behind the lack of interest in art is mainly due to the lack of proper comprehension of the industry. Taking a closer look at the two sectors, one thing is rather clear that investing is always about speculation and speculation can take place in anything that interests the investor.

If we were to indulge deeply into the artistic nature of the works that have been created over the years and even ended up making successful sales, it will be very clear that there are some pieces that have proven to be too costly that it is even difficult to place monetary value on them.

The main problem that many people interested in investing in the artistic sector is due to the fact that disposing off an artistic asset may at times not be as fast as the stocks and shares. The complication could be worsened if the seller was an amateur in the sector who hardly understands the market trends in the artistic world.

art and investment in art from the industrial North of England can be traced back to the days of some great arts enthusiasts like Merton and Anne whose collections have been traced since as early as 1921 and not only in Britain but even in New York and other places round the world.

The greatest advantage however in investing in art as compared to stocks and shares is due to the fact that the value of the former never depreciates rapidly in situations of economic as would the latter.

This is because the value of art is often quite distinct and must not be pegged on other prevailing economic situations. While the stock market could easily flop overnight due to the mismanagement or closure of a major company in whose shares you have invested, this is least likely to happen when dealing with artistic work.

Economic crunches and political instability causes major crunches in stocks shares. The list of bad things that could negatively influence the value of stocks could be endless. Think of natural calamities that could bring down the values of world class rated companies overnight.

If investment in stocks is a store of value for speculative purposes, it is highly advisable to invest in things that are not so vulnerable to risks. This is not to mean that there is anything that is absolutely free of risk but all that is required is to take on the less risky ventures and art and investing in art from the industrial north of England is one such option.

Art An Investment For The Future Or Pleasure For The Present
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