Investing in British Art

David Shepherd


david shepherd brompton square, london, painting
Brompton Square, London
Original Oil Painting on Canvas
Image size:- 12in x 9in,
David Shepherd

Investing in British Art

Investing in British art is very beneficial for your wallet, as well as for
the joy the pieces can bring you. Although it can be a great investment, it
is still wise to only buy art pieces that you truly enjoy; because unless
you turn around and sell them to make a profit you will be looking at your
pieces for quite a while. Even taking this into consideration, there are a
number of reasons to invest in British art. Some of these reasons include to
gain status or prestige, to make money, or simply for the enjoyment of
building a collection that you love. The reason you decide to invest in art
really isn't all that important, as long as you're having a great time doing

At the moment one of the best sellers in British art are contemporary
Both living as well as dead artists work have recently become very popular.
This popularity drives the prices for their paintings higher
and brings a higher value to the pieces. One of the most talked about and
celebrated contemporary artists is Ken Howard. His paintings are generally
done in a traditional style in both oils and water colors, and they have
seen a very large increase in both price and popularity. Ken Howard is only
one of many popular artists to consider when thinking of investing in art.
While he is known for his paintings, there are many other art mediums to
consider, such as sculpture or limited edition prints.

When deciding to invest in British art, or art of any kind, it is important
to know and understand the art market you've chosen. It is best to just
focus on the area of art that you've chosen to learn as much as you can so
you can find the best pieces to invest in. Some ways to do this are to find
books and art magazines, search the internet, and to visit and art
galleries. Art galleries are especially beneficial because the exhibition
artists and staff can be extremely knowledgeable and can give you plenty of
information on the art subjects and pieces you're interested in.

Two of the biggest issues when investing in any art work is cost and the
art's value, both now and in the future. Although it is important to focus
on buying pieces that you like, you must still focus on it's quality as
well. Some people are tempted to buy work by the hottest new artist on the
scene, but it is best to consider the fact that the odds of their success
make this a strategy that's very risky. Before making the decision to
purchase pieces of this nature, there are a number of factors to consider.
Think of the quality of the artist's work as well as their reputation in the
art world, the subject of their pieces, and the attraction that other buyers
show to the artist's work.

When purchasing newer pieces, make sure that they are of good quality and
have the original framing; for older pieces, watch out for damage. You should
also make sure that each older piece is documented, and any piece that you
buy contains the artist's signature. Without this key piece, the work will
be far more difficult to sell later on.

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