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All the prints we sell are copyrighted limited editions, signed personally and authorized by David Shepherd, and stamped by The Fine Art Trade Guild or the publisher, Solomon and Whitehead.

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Wildlife artist, David Shepherd, CBE, FRSA, FRGS, OBE.
Internationally recognized as one of the world's finest wildlife artists. David Shepherd has at all times felt that he had a duty in the form of conservation towards the world and the animals that inhabit our planet.
In his lifetime, David Shepherd has painted and drawn many pictures, and was able to share his many tales and experiences with people internationally, often talking at charity dinners and prestigeous social events.
His persona lent itself naturally to this cause, as he was a most approachable down-to-earth fellow who enjoyed sharing his pleasure of art and his concern over the diminishing wildlife throughout the world.
Shepherd spent the next few years traveling throughout Africa, painting and studying the wildlife.
He became one of the most respected wildlife artists in the world, and his paintings are now displayed in museums and galleries around the globe.
In addition to his art, Shepherd was also a passionate conservationist. He worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the plight of endangered animals, and he was a vocal critic of the ivory trade.
Shepherd died in 2017 at the age of 87.
He was a true pioneer in the field of wildlife art, and his work helped to inspire a generation of conservationists.
Here are some of the unique aspects of David Shepherd's biography:
He was a self-taught artist who achieved international acclaim.
He dedicated his life to painting wildlife and raising awareness of conservation issues.
He was a pioneer in the field of wildlife art, and his work helped to inspire a generation of conservationists.
Shepherd's life story is an inspiration to us all. He showed us that it is possible to achieve great things if we follow our dreams and work hard to achieve them.
He also showed us the importance of conservation and the need to protect our planet's natural resources.
I believe that David Shepherd's legacy will live on for many years to come.
His art will continue to inspire people all over the world, and his work as a conservationist will help to protect the planet's wildlife.

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The art world can be an extremely daunting place, and I find it reassuring knowing I can trust and rely on someone as knowledgeable and experienced as David for help and advice.
I thoroughly recommend his services, and also a visit to the delightful Cornwater Fine Art Gallery." A.D-S., London

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David Shepherd has been a great supporter of the natural world, he ceated the david shepherd wildlife foundation to help endangered wildlife.
and has worked tirelessly to help wildlife throughout the world.

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