Mountain Zebra

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Mountain Zebra
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Mountain zebras do not aggregate into large herds like plains zebras; they form small family groups consisting of a single stallion and one to five mares,
together with their recent offspring. Bachelor males live in separate groups, and mature bachelors attempt to capture young mares to establish a harem.
In this they are opposed by the dominant stallion of the group.
Mares give birth to one foal at a time. The foal feeds mainly on its mother's milk for about a year, after which it is weaned onto solid forage.
Cape mountain zebra foals generally move away from their maternal herds sometime between the ages of 13 and 37 months.
However, with Hartmann's mountain zebra, mares try to expel their foals when they are aged around 14 to 16 months.
Young males may wander alone for a while before joining a bachelor group, while females are either taken into another breeding herd or are joined by a bachelor male to form a new breeding herd.

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